"Felice" SAMPLE SALE!  Introducing "Catherine's Cuddle Collection"

"Felice" SAMPLE SALE! Introducing "Catherine's Cuddle Collection"

$125.00 — On sale

Introducing "Catherine's Cuddle Collection"! We've found a brand-spanking-new nuzzle-worthy fabric, and it has inspired a collection based on pure pleasure.
This collection is made from the softest, yummiest snuggle-fabric we've yet to find. Luxurious and chic, and irresistible to the touch. (You may not be able to keep your hands off of yourself, consider yourself warned)

Bring the va-va-voom to your dressing room, or va-va-voom your way onto your couch or bed. The Felice hugs your every curve with comfort.

The Felice dressing gown is made with the plushest and most sensually appealing luxury fleece. The "Felice" has a draped skirt to hug the hips, wrap front, and tapered sleeves that button at the wrist. (No pockets, but what it lacks in storage, it more than makes up for in sex appeal!)

How to prepare for your first date with the Cuddle Collection pieces:
Prepare for your introductory sensual experience with clean, dry skin that is free from lotion/water/sweat/etc... you might want to pour a nice cup of herbal tea, or wine, or nibble on a gummy something-or-other before you slip yourself into your new emotional support garment. Take some time for yourself, allow the wave of pleasure to wash over you, and let the petting begin.

Available in the following sizes:
XS, S, M, L, XL, 1X, 2X, 3X

Please refer to our sizing chart on our Beverly gown listing pages to find your size. (very sorry we didn't have room on this page for our sizing chart!)


Sizes in stock will show in the dropdown menu. If your size is sold out, please feel free to inquire via the contact form, and we will happily notify you when your color/size is restocked.

Fabric care: Luxury fleece fabric is washable. Always without softener, as it can be trapped within the delicate fibers and not rinse out. Regular powder/liquid detergents are fine, pods are not recommended. Air dry and then into the dryer without heat to fluff your gown to best preserve the integrity of the fibers. If you choose to toss into the dryer, we suggest low heat.
Often used for baby clothing/blankets, this fabric is 100% polyester, 100% vegan.

We suggest flat storage as long-term hanging can stress the seams. However, this new style of "Felice" gown is lightweight and fine to hang or store flat, your choice.

In stock "available now" gowns generally ship 1-2 days from date of purchase. Our usual shipping days are M/W/F. Expedited shipping is also available.

Also, we will require a telephone contact number, this is mandatory information for our shipping labels (for our carrier to contact you if there is an issue with delivery). All of your personal information will be kept confidential, but we will not be able to ship to you without it.

All items shipped with insurance and signature required upon delivery unless otherwise requested. If you choose to waive the required signature, the shipping company will not be able to provide coverage if your package is lost after delivery.

We do ship globally. Your government's customs officials may charge import tax. Our shipments within the US will generally arrive in 2 business days from time of shipment. Our shipments outside of the US generally arrive in about a week or less.

No refunds or returns on gowns. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have prior to purchase, there is a contact form here at the store to reach us via email.

"Felice" SAMPLE SALE!  Introducing "Catherine's Cuddle Collection"  Image 2 "Felice" SAMPLE SALE!  Introducing "Catherine's Cuddle Collection"  Image 3 "Felice" SAMPLE SALE!  Introducing "Catherine's Cuddle Collection"  Image 4 "Felice" SAMPLE SALE!  Introducing "Catherine's Cuddle Collection"  Image 5
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